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Economic and Financial Sources of information



Where to find historical data for Stocks and Commodities ?

Aside from, there are a lot of paying sites, this one is well done to find EOD data on all kinds of markets worldwide :



Where to find historical data on Gold, Oil and Commodities ?

The site of reference on Gold

The US Energy Information Administration

Interesting historical perspective on Oil

The US Department of Agriculture site. Great source of information.

An excellent data mining site

A lot of expertise on commodities, but paying.


Where to find reeeeaaally long term data?

Like data on XVIIIth and et XIXth centuries.


Where to find consolidated PER information on US Stocks ?

But only if you know where to fin dit, their website is fairly dense.



Where to find data on US GDP, growth…etc ?

Excellent site with lots of reports supporting the work of the US congress

The Fed Reserve Site

US Growth Stats

US CPI Stats



Where to find data on US Real estate ?

Standard & Poors webiste is publishing the Case-Shiller index.



Where to pick best economic brains in the world?

Excellent site to readthe best recent articles from the world’s most famous economists

Very interesting reports on a wide variety of economical topics

Good forecasting site, but paying.


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