"When Time and Price square, Change is bound to happen"

W.D Gann



Sources of Astrological information

Where to find Ephemeris ?

Good site for Ephemeris

For dwarf planets Ephemeris (in French )

More Ephemeris!


Where to find interesting astronomical sources of information?

Two sites on Sunspots

The Eclipses NASA website


Where to find interesting sites on Financial Astrology ?

Raymond Merriman’s web site, always interesting for its "Weekly Preview"

Henry Weingarten’s site, smart and witty comments with an excellent choice of of high quality articles in economics and finance

Interesting articles , access to the database on Michael Munkasey Horoscope Societies.

The " Articles" section is always interesting

Sergey Tarasov site, interesting articles

Many interesting articles, but claims to validate ( their opinions on Sappho and Sedna for example, whose influence is overestimated).

A list of dates of first quotation for 11,000 companies ... Free !



Where to find interesting blog in Financial Astrology ?

Alpha’s blog , a seasoned astrologer, good technician and talented programmer, hos blog is largely based on the graphs calculated by his software using planetary influences.

A good website on astrology W.D.Gann G. Bayer (English)

A method of trading based on the phases of the Moon. Not very convincing (in English).

Another method of trading based on the phases of the Moon (English) .


Where to find interesting forum ?

A French Forum and well attended, under the leadership of Jean François Richard, author of books described elsewhere .

A Forum on Gann (English)

A group on Yahoo about Gann (English)

The blog associated with the Time & Price research group (English)

The forum associated with the Wave 59 software and with Earik Beann books (in English)


Where to find interesting information about WDGann ?

The official websites (in English)

A first approach of Gann’s techniques and resources can be found on :

Bradley F. Cowan ( English)

A highly respected author in the world of trading, very precise in his demonstrations and heliocentric astrology uses an original and compelling way.



Olga Morales courses (in English)

Her recent association with Bill Meridian is a guarantee of seriousness of her approach, but I do not know the quality of this course.


Courses Paul Nipperess Yogi (1948-2011) - ( English)

This site offers three books of Paul Nipperess Yogi , who died recently.

Cardinal Astrographs ... easy trading tools ( 2002)
Gann Signs : Title - Bible - Tetragrams (2004)
Trading Plan ... wozzat ?



Where to find interesting blogs Technical Analysis ?

Excellent technical analysis site (in French).

Two blogs on financial markets. Interesting but be careful how they do the calculations !


Sun in Pisces
10 degrees
Moon in Sagittarius
11 degrees
Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon
21 days old
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