"When Time and Price square, Change is bound to happen"

W.D Gann



Financial Astrology Softwares


The Financial astrology softwares are those which offer a linkage between the classic astrological data (you will of course not find interpretive report or synastry and other specialties of traditional astrology) and Stock indexes, Currencies and Commodity prices. Their features usually allow to visualize the establishment of correlations between the course and all possible astrological events (Ingres, eclipses , aspects, stations ... etc).

Their number is increasing every day , especially if we take into account all those who have added the "Gann " logo to their offering but are more Technical analysis or chartist tools than anything else.


Among the best known :

Galactic Trader

The first dedicated software to Gann’s techniques porbably. 30 day free trial version.

Market Warrior

Software based on specific research on Patrick Mikula techniques WD Gann .

The site also offers the purchase of books exellents Patrick Mikula .

AIR software from
AIR Softwareand Sergey Tarasov (who created his own company since then). Interesting to research aspects, draw statistics. Beyond Bronze version, the software modules provide automated Forecasts for stock and indexes.

Timing Solution

Software based on the research of Sergey Tarasov.

Cycle Trader de Bradley Cowan

Software based on specific and pointed Bradley Cowan research .

MAGI AstrologySoftwares

There are two versions, a classical astrology version (with a lot of original chart) and a financial version, which embeds correlations Financial data vs All kinds of astrological event, and several otheroptions, including their own version of Fibonacci ratios blended with Astrology.

Wave 59, for Earik Beann

Software based on the research of Earik Beann.

Market Analyst

That software seems excellent. Priced accordingly...

Technical analysis software

Pro Real Time is an excellent technical analysis software, incredibly easy to use and offers great flexibility of personal settings. The free version provides access to EOD Data on a multitude of markets.


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