"When Time and Price square, Change is bound to happen"

W.D Gann



Softwares & Astrology

Computer power has invaded all trades and Astrology is no exception . Astrologers who have known manual calculations sometimes regret it, saying to their handmade calculations gave them the time to enter into a chart slowly and see things gradually, while the raw computing power of a PC spills out tons of data in a split second.

Computing power has certain advantages , it allows to crunch large amounts of data in a very short time. It also has its drawbacks, such as reducing reflection, believing that what we see on the screen actually describes what is happening and everything that is happening. The typical example being aspects.

Software draw many aspects automatically, but experience show us (i.e. the analysis of the strongly up or down days), that the aspects which mattered counted were rarely those drawn, but those invisible to the eye at first sight.
What really matters is a complex balance that includes half points, barycenter, dwarf planets …etc. and t is impossible to draw them all.

Not to mention that complex planetary configurations are not easy to interpret as positive or negative, they are most frequently turning points though.

So the astrologer’s eye, his experience, reflection, intuition remain key assets in Financial Astrology, unless you are willing to trust " black box " softwares, which directly calculate predictions. But where is the fun if we don’t try and understand the Universal Laws ?


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