"When Time and Price square, Change is bound to happen"

W.D Gann



" The Tunnel Thru The Air or Looking Back from 1940 " W.D. Gann (1927)

" The Tunnel Thru The Air or Looking Back from 1940 " written by W.D. Gann in 1927, is a multi-faceted book , which deserves our interest. Granted, not for the love story that it contains.

I will summarize it in a few sentences: Robert Gordon, a young man who has studied Astrology and the Bible , made ​​discoveries that made him a rich trader farily quickly. He is in love with Marie since college, but she disappears from his life for five years, on the grounds that his presence would take away his desire to succeed. Love letters, research poems of the author, syrupy love torments... but it ends in triumph when Robert becomes General in Chief of the U.S. (and his childhood friend, his second ) during the World war that sees the U.S. attacked by Japan (well seen in 1927!) . Meanwhile he invented radar, stealth aircraft, the neutron bomb ... etc, Marie falls into his arms at the end of the book, as predicted by an astrologer named Mr Happy. This is the apparent history, which W.D. Gann says it is morally very uplifting. Why not...

W.D. Gann says we must read this book three times, the first for this beautiful story (hmm ... ), a second time because it proves the laws of the Bible and the third to understand the secret that is revealed in the book, the use of astrology to help make predictions . Gann’s secrets for 3 cheap romance novels, this is tempting...

Some authors have published their findings on " TTTA ", they are not easy to find. Among them Bonnie Lee Hill and Ivan Petter Amundsen and they deserve our gratitude, they made the effort to read this book as a manual of astrology, and I will summarize some of their findings.

W.D. Gann has achieved with this book a global medical and personal financial astrology manual. He took great pain to give a date for everything, probably thinking that in due course, each trade could be explained, by the dedicated seeker armed with an ephemeris and a relentless appetite for research.

For W.D. Gann, everything is law and order, history is cyclical, it repeats itsef. He gave a lot of quotes showing us the essence of his thinking, in Chapter VII for example:

" In making my predictions I use mathematics and geometry, just as the astronomer does, based on immutable laws"

"My calculations are based on the cycle theory and on mathematical sequences. History repeats Itself . That is what I have always contended , that ' in order to know and predict the future or anything , you -have only to look up what happened in the past and get the proper base or starting point " Followed by a reference to Ecclesiastes 1:9.

"Every thought you think Makes a circle and it comes back to you. It May take years aim You Will get the effect , good or evil, ACCORDING as the thought was good or evil".

" ... Like causes Produce like effects. It is just as easy to Figure 100 years or 1000 years in the future as one or two years ahead , if you have the proper starting point and know the cycle All which is going to be repeated . "

As this is also a Financial astrology manual, it gives trading rules for:

- Raw materials (cotton and wheat , we'll see why)

- a few stocks & industries

And shows us a number of techniques, including:

- The role of the Moon

- The use of transits in mundane astrology

- The role of Eclipses

- The importance of the US chart

- The Galactic Center ( located in Sagittarius and discovered in 1918 by Shapley, then date confirmed in 1927 by Jan Oort )

p. 82 he says, " To Those Who Understand numbers " 266 " Reveals Some remarkable events that are to follow the election of the new pope ... in fact the entire world must yet pass thru some very evil Between 1926 and 1930 to 1932 period . It aussi Confirms That The major and minor cycles All which indicato That The years 1928 and 1930 to 1932 are to be years of famine , depressing business conditions, and panic ... " . Gann continues by saying that it will not be finished until 1934 , and the period 1940 to 1944 is also bad for the EU ... " how did he do to make this prediction ?

The hero is named Super Commdander Gordon emphatically , but is rather SCG or SGC as ... Solar Galactic Center?

Let’ continue with revelations from Ivan Petter Amundsen , which highlights the role of the Moon in the book , pointing to a series of "coincidences":

1) The repetition of the number "69" in the book, symbol of Cancer, ruled by the Moon

The hero , Robert Gordon was born on 06.09.1906, (superb natal chart by the way: conjunction with a Sun-Jupiter - Pluto -Mercury in Gemini, ruled by Mercury Trader !)

The Wall Street office will be located at # 69 , New York is shown as being related to the sign of Cancer in the book and ...

The astrological secret that he announced to have discovered is located... page 69.

2) The lunar revolution seems to be one of the themes of the book, based on the following:

- Marie wrote her letter to Robert on the 5/6/1927 at 3 am, they meet again on the 30/08/1932 11 AM ... the Moon is respectively 20 ° and 21 ° of Leo , so the same position just 1 ° apart, in both cases we also see a conjunction Venus / Mars. That is called a " Lunar return". Maybe " Lunar Return" is in the title?

- The title " The Tunnel Thru The Air or Looking Back from 1940 " is rather meaningless (which Tunnel Traverses the Air, and in 1927 can you observe it from 1940 ?). Not to mention the story is written in 1927, while the action terminates in 1932. It is well know that coded books often contain a coded key in the title. Reclassifying the letters and replacing the "0" in 1940 by an "O" Petter obtained:

" From the Lunar Return, Looking back to hi_ _othe_ " , leaving only the 1 , 9 and 4.

1 x 9 x 4 = 36 , 3 x 6 = 18 , or the letter "R"

1 & 9 are "19" or the letter "S"

9 + 4 = 13 is the letter "M"

Which gives us :

" From the Lunar Return, Looking back to His Mother "

40 digits / letters in both cases.

The title is a sort of pun, meaning that since the lunar return, we look back to the beginning (the book starts by talking about his mother). The mother of course is the Moon in astrology. Petter finally notices the first date of the book is May 9, 1927 and the last date mentioned is August 30, 1932, exactly 1,940 days ... funny!

Everything in this book is about matching all significant dates to astrological events as part of the game left by Gann to not reveal his method to those who do not deserve it. If he insists on the Moon, he does not use it in Mundane transits, at least not in the conventional way.

About the secret page 69 Gordon , Gann wrote:

" I believe there WAS a secret meaning in what he Said , That the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth . I believe That A Man Who Understands the meaning of That HAS all the power under heaven and earth , as the Bible says He Shall have. That I believe is the key to the interpretation of the future . I am safe I have found it and know how to apply it ".

Petter points to John March Langham, one of the first authors in astrology ( “Planetary Effects on Stock Markets " 1936). Who wrote about Lunar return and the new moon of the spring equinox, which he believes, is what W.D. Gann meant.

It is not obvious to decode, but the famous page 69 cites three verses of the Gospel of St. Matthew : 12:38-40 , what Petter translates as " between 1238 and 1240 days " looking back , as Gann asks us to do in the title and from the starting point ( 30 August 1932 ) . So ... 1239 days before the August 30 or April 9, 1929 , the day of the New Moon, during which the Moon is invisible 3 days, like Jonah in the belly of the whale, as quoted on page 69.

I think another interpretation is possible. The Son of Man is only found in the Bible as describing Jesus Christ, this is often the term he is using to call himself. The Christic principle (hence not the man Jesus, or Yeshua, as he was probably called) is connected with the Sephira “Tipheret”, itself connected to…the Sun. And the notion of disappearing 3 days and 3 nights refers to Egyptian astrology, where the Sun is seen to be at its lowest on the horizon before the Winter Solstice. This is also one of the reasons why Jesus birthday was finally set at this time: it is a natural symbol for the Sun to take birth and rise. And conveniently, it was also during the winter solstice that the Romans were celebrating “Sol Invictus”, their Sun God.

Interesting to notice how Tradition is kept alive through the centuries and sometimes millenniums, linking Egyptians, Romans and Christians to the Winter Solstice… Anyway, back to astrology, it could mean to pay attention to the chart cast for December 25 to determine the trend for the year, as the “New Sun”, rather than the “New moon”.

To conclude, Petter Amundsen has certainly found signs left by W.D. Gann, but he discovered nothing in terms of concrete trading rules, or did not share them. It would appear from some sources that his study group had separated after 5 years without significant findings.

Let’s continue with Bonnie Lee Hill. With a lot of common sense, this trained engineer wondered where an astrologer could hide its secrets, and since it is safe to assume that it won’t be in the romantic framework ... it has to be in the dates. I started to write them down, but thinking that someone had already done the work, or some of it at least, I came across a conference from Bonnie Lee Hill (BLH).

Robert Gordon began his career with a cotton trade in spring 1927. W.D. Gann was also more of a commodity trader than a Stock trader, which he distrusted for many good reasons, at the time. He tells us in his novel have discovered in Ezekiel that there will be a flood in the Mississippi in spring 1927 will disrupt the cotton harvest and will raise prices, it is therefore positioned to increase two months before , and bingo! too much rain make up cotton.

Ezekiel was living well before Christ and although he was a prophet, he must not have been overly concerned with the level of the Mississippi river in the U.S. in 1927, unknown country at the time in Judea. This startling statement should alert us that there is something more than meets the eye, especially since in 1907, it is mentionned that the Gordon family had suffered rains had damaged the cotton crop . Is that about a 20-year cycle ? No ... BLH consults her ephemeris to see what happens early 1927 and early 1907 related to rainfall, and finds twice a Uranus / Neptune very appropriate connection. W.D Gann was using this connection to forecast natural weather cycles? Very possible! Maybe that’s also why he was fond of Commodities, because he believed they obey natural cycle even more than Stocks, which can be manipulated !

BLH will therefore view the history of all the flooding of the Mississippi since 1735 thanks to official data from the Army Corps of Engineers and establish two rules are always committed for rains and crops.

Analysis of aspects over the 1735-1993 period

1) The first flood occurred in spring 1735. We see Uranus opposite Neptune on January 24, 1735 . Floods destroy crops if Geocentric Uranus / Neptune aspect occurs in the spring. If this aspect hits in August , it will not cause flooding of the Mississippi River . W.D. Gann used this aspect that depending on the season in which it occurred , brilliant idea ! In 1735 , we find Uranus opposite Neptune and over 90 % of New Orleans was under water !

2) In 1762 , we see Uranus 135° Neptune. This was a major flood. For example, the water level in the city of Cincinnati rose by 80 feet. The top of the church steeple was the only thing sticking out of the water in the small town of Cincinnati .

3) In 1821 (Uranus conjunction Neptune , another major flood . They called it the " worst flood of the century" . Journalists said they had no words to describe the damage caused by the flood. They could not estimate the cost of damage.

4) The next flood occurs in 1881 (Uranus trine Neptune). Note that you can have flooding with conjunctions, oppositions, squares, sextiles , semi- square , etc. If the aspect occurs in the spring, flooding! Note also that the major flood 1881 is followed by another in 1882. Due to retrogradation, the same aspect hit twice, in 26 February 1881 and 8 April 1882. There are cases where severe flooding occurred three years in a row because the same appearance occurred in the spring three times.

5) The next flood occurs in 1907 (Uranus opposite Neptune) . This occurrence is mentioned in TTTA. Another flood happens in 1908 (Retrogradation effect).

6) The next big flood occurred in 1927 (Uranus 150° Neptune). This is one Gann predicted in the TTTA . 1.8 million acres of land were under water. Many people think that this was one of the causes of the Great Depression : the flood that destroyed the economy of the Mississippi River basin and completely destroyed cotton crops .

7) The next major flood occurred in 1935 (Uranus 135° Neptune). The same aspect occurred in the spring of 1936 and a second flood occurred . The flood of 1936 caused $ 270 million in damages.

8) In 1943, Uranus trine Neptune. A major flood occurred that caused 172 million dollars in damage.

9) In 1973, Uranus semi-square Neptune. A major flood caused 420 million dollars damage.

10) In 1979, a major flood : Uranus was semi-sextile Neptune in March.

11) Now let's turn our attention to 1993, Uranus and Neptune in conjunction Feb. 2 . What happened in 1993? The same thing that occurred in 1821, about 173 years earlier. Again, the Mississippi River turned into an inland lake . The amount estimated for the flood damage was 12 billion dollars.

It should be noted that the markets at the time were not as globalized today, and therefore an American flood was enough to raise prices . This is no longer true today, although the study of climate in Ukraine should be interesting for wheat (recent drought , for example).

The second rule revealed by Gann (well, by BLH ) on the Weather, is that the Jupiter Neptune aspects cause regular and heavy rains ... and thus overproduction and falling prices. Again, many examples and we only reached the third of this unique conference.

Among the various recommendations in this book W.D Gann clearly indicates that trader watching too many Stocks or Commodities at the same would risk failure. He advises to know well know its sector and provides chronological references to several of them : air transport, cars and trains.

Clearly, he was applying the principle of planetary cycles to Sectors, Commodities and even Weather.


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