"When Time and Price square, Change is bound to happen"

W.D Gann



A few interesting authors on W.D.Gann’s astrology

Patrick Mikula

Gann 's Scientific Methods Unveiled Volume 1 (pdf version only)

Gann 's Scientific Methods Unveiled Volume 2 (pdf version only)

Patrick Mikula has taken much pain to study W.D. Gann’s original writings. He made many interesting discoveries and was generous enough to share them in his books, an unbeatable value for money. These books are essential to have in one’s library, but their study requires time and patience, and many of the studied signals are weak signals, useful for traders who already have a good basic technique for entering and exiting the market.

The definitive guide to forecasting using W.D. Gann 's Square of 9 (sold out)
This book is for the advanced Gann’s fans, this is precise, heavy duty analysis.

Myles Wilson Walker, "Super Timing"

Attempted explanations of trades and forecasts of W.D. Gann. An interesting book, with studies on dates predicted by W.D. Gann (the concept of non-exact aspects, but separated by the same degree is interesting, but not easy to handle!). And a lot of thoughts on the various calculators used by W.D. Gann (Square of 9, Square of 12).


Jeanne Long, " The Universal Clock " & " Basic Astro Tech "

One of the classics of W.D. Gann literature, which led to the creation of the most well-known software that can be of use for this type of techniques. I found it less precise than P.Mikula books, but it is a classic. It will not in any case give readers a martingale.


Earik Beann

"Handbook of Market Esoterica " ($ 495)

The price is X10 the usual price for a book on technical indicator. So for the wealthy traders... Does it give you X10 what a standard book can give you ? I don’t think so. That is not a bad book , but if you imagine that by paying that price the Time and Space secrets that W.D Gann alluded to will be revealed without effort, allowing immediate profitable trading, that is a mistake. This book offers insights, but requires a lot of work, like all Gann material.

"Techniques of an Astrotrader " (995)

The number in brackets is not the year it was written in, it is the price it sells for. I did not read it but if someone wants to publish an account ? For that kind of money, there must be some serious research.

Bradley Cowan

"Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory"

An approach based on a very interesting and original concept of heliocentric cycles. Very different from anything else we can read on WD Gann and even Astrology. A must read.

Olga Morales

Many DVD courses W.D. Gann, some seminars with Bill Meridian on the subject, which in itself testifies of a serious approach. This Australian astrologer seems to have decoded a lot on the Gann material.

W.D.Gann’s original writings

Should we read the original works of W.D. Gann? It takes a lot of time to extract the its substance . We are talking in years ... They are coded, apparently contain errors on purpose and combine considerations of trading and other veiled on astrology . Apart from the seminal book, "TTTA", here's the list . Note that " The Magic Word " is a work of spiritual significance rather than financial. Seems to be a combination of several occult subjects that W.D. Gann studies in his life. The usage of the Hebrew Tetragram “YHWH”, curiously pronounced “Jehovah” as a Mantra is quite peculiar.

For those who want to have a first approach of W.D Gann, a good start on this site:

Truth of The Stock Tape ” (1923)

Tunnel Thru The Air ” ( 1927)

Wall Street Stock Selector ” ( 1930)

New Stock Trend Detector ” ( 1936)

Face Facts America ” ( 1940)

How to Make Profits in Commodities ” (1941)

45 Years in Wall Street ” (1949)

The Magic Word ” (1950)

How to Make Profits Trading In Puts and Calls “


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