"When Time and Price square, Change is bound to happen"

W.D Gann



Other interesting authors

MAGI Astrology

In addition to their book " Astrology Really works " MAGI launches a well documented site subscriptions ( paid , but reasonable ) to their articles and sells proprietary software. The articles are very interesting, but to take a step back . The focus is on variations , new planets ( Sedna , Sappho ) , specific angles ( 51 ° 42 ° 85 102 ) , heliocentric astrology. It is found in practice that :

- Sedna and Sappho are not as reactive indicated

- The angles of 150 ° are not Saturn " nuclearly negative"

- The heliocentric astrology is often not relevant

Nevertheless, this study group is very interesting as a source of new ideas to be tested.


Nonfinancial authors, but very interesting

André Barbault
on Mundane Astrology , with an uncompromising look at its current limitations.

Michel d'Aoste "Astrologie Universelle", see the article dedicated to it.



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