"When Time and Price square, Change is bound to happen"

W.D Gann



Modern Authors

LCdr David Williams, "Financial Astrology" (1974)

An interesting book, even more so at the time, since the Sunspot cycle was quite synchronous with the Dow Jones. Some interesting pages on Cycles, more systematic studies of validation of signals than his predecesors, some thoughts on why financial astrology works, the author’s personal Solar Ingres method as a way of forecasting the following month index behavior (essentially: if weighted aspects are positive, then the market topped and will go down). The Galactic Center is also discussed with some interesting examples. A classic, republished in 1982.


 Carol Mull " Standard and Poors 500 " (1984)

An analysis of the Incorporation charts of the largest American stocks. Very oriented towards traditional astrology, but the first few pages are very interesting.

 Graham Bates, "Money and the Markets, an astrological guide " (1994)
 I have not found this book very interesting, but this is only my opinion.

 D.Weingarten "Trading by the stars" (1996)

Written by a well seasoned astrologer, full of interesting anecdotes. Nicely written.

Georgi Anna Stathis , "Business Astrology 101 " (2001)

A book that connects business and astrology with a more personal angle, rather than strictly geared toward market forecasting. An interesting perspective on the Jupiter / Saturn cycle in one’s career, symbolic correspondences between planets and economy, an analysis of the real estate market and some keys to understanding the themes of companies. Worth reading.

Robert Gover, "Time and Money, the economy and the planets" (2005)
A book very focused on the birth chart of the U.S. ( July 4, 1776 , 2:17 AM, Philadelphia) book. Interesting reading, nevertheless.

 Tim Bost

Gann Secrets Revealed : Beyond Symbolism in Financial Astrology” (2009)
A book without any interest, the title is misleading. Should be offered as a free download for people curious about astrology.

"Mercury , Money and the Markets : Profitable Planetary Cycles for Short - Term Astro- Trading " (2012)

A book without great interest, which compiles information available elsewhere on Mercury.

In French :

Jacques Dorsant . "LAstrologie et la Bourse, Manuel d’astrologie Boursière” (1987), based on Sidereal astrology.
One of the first books in French on the subject (after G. Lambert-Brahy).

Sylviane Hyvrier. " Astro- Economie, Mode d’emploi."

One of the few books in French on the subject.

Jean François Richard . Alias JFR, Jean François is the best known French financial astrologer, he started the publication of his newsletter back in 1992. With a background in Economics and first steps in financial journalism, JFR has extensive experience in this field. He has published
several books:

« La Bourse en l’an 2000»

"Ce qu'anticipent les astres jusqu’en 2010" - (2005 - Editions du Rocher )

"La crise vue par l’astrologie" - (2009 - Paths Publishing )

The only book written in French on the recent financial crisis, as seen by Financial astrology. A detailed analysis is devoted to it, worth reading, of course.


Bill Meridian (Sarubbi )

Planetary Stock Trading III (2002)

A very interesting book for those interested in Stock picking. Not necessarily for the First Time Trade charts given (the MAGI site is also given them for free), because they do not always work very well, it really depends on the companies (if you find a chart that works well, treasure it !), but for the principles described in the first 100 pages. Page 26 is especially worth reading carefully.

Planetary Economic Forecasting, Revised Second Ed (2008)

The work of reference in the field of Astrological research applied to Economics. The method of connecting all major bi-planetary cycles, taken individually, to economic events is objectionable in principle, but the work is phenomenal, the historical panorama is very useful, the connection between inflation and Fire signs is interesting, the list of the most accurate cycles as well, an article is written this book here.


The Predictive Power of Eclipse (2008)

This is not a book about Financial astrology, but eclipses have a huge importance in financial astrology. And this book talks about Eclipses with precision and intelligence.

Raymond Merriman

Raymond Merriman is a Financial astrology veteran, with a solid experience in both the stock market and the world of astrology.

The Yearly Forecast book, published every year

This book is a classic of Financial astrology, a pleasant and useful reading for a comprehensive understanding of key aspects of the coming year and their likely influence. Many interesting items on the US dollar, the Fed, the White House, Currencies and Commodities, etc. The dating principle is somewhat elastic. When one reads long term forecasts accompanied by " + / - 18 months," it can be a bit frustrating. But if the Yearly book said it all for 60$, how could monthly forecasts be sold at all ? 

Merriman on Market Cycles : The Basics

“Basic Principles of geocosmic Studies for Financial Market Timing”

The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Vol I to V

Volume III book establishes correlations between planetary movements and indexes. Believing that biplanetary cycle statistics can be used to make money would be an costly illusion though... because there are more than two planets at any given time in the sky. As Parmenides said, one never steps in the same river twice.

The Sun, the Moon and the Silver Market : Secrets of a Silver Trader

The only book on the Silver. I did not read ... If anyone wants to write an article on it ?

The Gold Book: geocosmic Correlations To Gold Price Cycles (Sold out)

Gold is a subject of choice in Financial Astrology, it reacts very well to astrological transits, but this item is sold out ( for good reason , probably...), I did not read.

Grace Morris, "How To Pick Stocks To Outperform The Market in 20xx "

Some astrologers are all about timing, they look at the stars to understand and Forecast “When”. Grace Morris does that to a lesser extent, she seems to be more interested in wanting to determine “What”, as in “What industries are worth buying”. She selects actions based on a deceptively simple and effective approach : combining financial criteria for choosing performers and analyzing the transits of Jupiter and Saturn into the Signs to identify the sectors in favor the coming year. The evidence is there, Grace Morris’ portfolio is profitable and she called the 2009 bottom, showing a good sense of timing as well. A book is published every year to help select sectors and stocks.


Kaye Shinker "Financial Astrology Textbook Part 1 to 5 "

Kaye Shinker died recently but her works can be found on this website. There does not seem to be a plan in these books, but they contain a lot of interesting comments and observations clearly related to a long practice of astrology.


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